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Racial Bias in New Jersey’s Jury Selection Process

All persons charged with a crime have the right to be tried by an impartial jury of their peers in NJ. Learn about cases that have affected jury selection in NJ and ways that juries have been manipulated to be racially biased against the defendant.

Public Defenders vs. Private Attorneys

When facing criminal charges, it’s important to choose the right lawyer. Learn the difference between public defenders and private attorneys, cost differences, as well as benefits and drawbacks of each choice.

Probation Punishments & Burden

Learn about probation in New Jersey, including history, probation restrictions, requirements, fines, and how hiring an established criminal defense attorney can help you assess if your options include probation and provide legal counsel.

Going to Trial is your Constitutional Right

The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to a trial yet 90% of cases end up in plea bargains. Learn what a plea bargain is, how they affect a defendant’s decision to go to trial & how our trial lawyers can help you decide on going to trial.

Dangers of Civil Forfeiture

Learn how civil forfeiture works in New Jersey, abuse of authority examples, how to recover your property, and how hiring an attorney who understands civil forfeiture laws & has experience in recovering illegally seized property can help.

Bad Facts Make Bad Law

Learn how New Jersey’s State v. Jones is a classic example of how bad facts make bad law, how a warrant would have impacted this case, and the court’s ruling in a case where the defendant had a BAC of .345.

Domestic Violence Convictions and Federal Gun Laws

In NJ a domestic violence conviction can bar you from being able to purchase a firearm. Learn more about how a domestic violence charge or a restraining order can restrict your ability to purchase a firearm under federal law.

Drug Court can be a Blessing or a Curse

The NJ Drug Court is meant to curb alcohol and drug abuse in New Jersey for non-violent offenses. Learn how Drug Court works, the pros and cons of Drug Court in NJ, and how we can help if you have the option to go to Drug Court.

Megan’s Law

Megan’s Law requires information about convicted sexual felons to remain public. Learn about crimes that fall under Megan’s Law, who has access to registration information, and when someone may be removed from Megan’s Law.