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Bad Facts Make Bad Law

Learn how New Jersey’s State v. Jones is a classic example of how bad facts make bad law, how a warrant would have impacted this case, and the court’s ruling in a case where the defendant had a BAC of .345.

Domestic Violence Convictions and Federal Gun Laws

In NJ a domestic violence conviction can bar you from being able to purchase a firearm. Learn more about how a domestic violence charge or a restraining order can restrict your ability to purchase a firearm under federal law.

Drug Court can be a Blessing or a Curse

The NJ Drug Court is meant to curb alcohol and drug abuse in New Jersey for non-violent offenses. Learn how Drug Court works, the pros and cons of Drug Court in NJ, and how we can help if you have the option to go to Drug Court.

Megan’s Law

Megan’s Law requires information about convicted sexual felons to remain public. Learn about crimes that fall under Megan’s Law, who has access to registration information, and when someone may be removed from Megan’s Law.

Underage Drinking in New Jersey

Learn what happens if someone is caught drinking underage in NJ, the laws and penalties for underage drinking in New Jersey, the harmful effects of underage alcohol consumption, and how an experienced juvenile defense attorney can help.

Evolution of Search and Seizure Law

The U.S. Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. Learn how the standard of a reasonable search has changed over time as the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on cases they have heard.

Implied Consent Law in New Jersey

Learn about how implied consent works in New Jersey DUI/DWI cases, including what tests you consent to by having a New Jersey driver’s license, what it does not cover, and how other circumstances impact DUI/DWI case defenses.

Juvenile Megan’s Law in New Jersey

Adults and juveniles are subject to register as sex offenders under Megan’s Law if convicted of certain offenses. Learn when a juvenile could be required to register as a sex offender and exemptions for juveniles under Megan’s law.

New Jersey Supreme Court Protects trashed House

The 4th Amendment & NJ Constitution guarantees the right against unreasonable search & seizure of their homes. Learn NJ Supreme Court ruling in State v. Brown that establishes the need for a search warrant even for “trashed” or abandoned homes.

Underage DWI/DUI in New Jersey

Learn what happens if you are charged with a DWI/DUI and are under the age of 21 in New Jersey, penalties, additional penalties for underage possession or consumption of alcohol, and how an experienced juvenile defense attorney can help.