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Felonies, Misdemeanors and Punishments in New Jersey

Learn about felonies & misdemeanors, possible punishments by degree and disorderly persons classifications, diversionary programs, the criminal statute of limitations on crimes in New Jersey, and how hiring an experienced attorney can help.

New Jersey Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

Learn about the New Jersey bill to decriminalize marijuana, including the proposed possession and age limitations, how it would be regulated and taxed, and how this impacts current recreational and medicinal users

Expungements in New Jersey

Expungement of convictions from your criminal record can help you move on with your life. Learn what an expungement is, who is eligible and when, how to expunge your record, and how discussing your options with a criminal defense attorney can help.

Juvenile Records in New Jersey

Juvenile records are thought to be completely confidential but that is not always the case. Learn juvenile criminal records in NJ, if they are sealed, and under what circumstances the records could be released to the public.

The Process

Being charged with a crime can be confusing & the court process difficult to navigate. Learn about the process you will go through if you are accused of a crime & are going through the court process in NJ and how our lawyers can help.