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Jury Trials Are Set to Resume, But Questions of Fairness Remain 

Jury Trials Are Set to Resume, But Questions of Fairness Remain Article written by Stephen J. Bodnar, Esq The first criminal trial to utilize a hybrid procedure of virtual jury selection with a socially distanced in person trial is taking place in Bergen County.  A challenge to the virtual selection of the jury panel has been denied by the Appellate Division.        In…

When Will Criminal Jury Trials Start Again? Very Soon

COVID-19 Postponed All Jury Trials in New Jersey:  When will Criminal Jury Trials Start Again?   The New Jersey Supreme Court is starting to slowly try and start in person jury trials.   On September 18, 2020, the New Jersey Supreme Court released its Eighth Omnibus Order on Court Operations and Legal Proceedings.  These Orders detail significant changes implemented by the New Jersey Judiciary as to the…

Expedited Expungements

In 2019, legislation was passed reforming the expungement process in New Jersey. Learn about the changes to NJ expungement laws, eligibility hearings, the waiting period for those that have gone through disposition programs, and how we can help.

New Jersey Police Can Now Force You To Unlock Your Phone

Learn about the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling in State v. Andrews and the legal precedent that it sets for police officers to obtain your phone passcode to get information for an investigation, if it will go to the supreme court, and what it means for you.

Virtual Grand Juries are a Huge Mistake

Learn about partner Robert M. Perry’s stance on the use of virtual grand juries in New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic, including concerns over the use of this practice and how virtual grand juries may impact legal precedings.

CBD in New Jersey

Wondering if CBD is legal in New Jersey? Learn how CBD is treated, who can purchase it, how it compares to marijuana, marijuana laws in NJ, and how consulting an experienced lawyer in an arrest, charge, drug court, or criminal matter can help.

Can you get a DUI/DWI on a Bike in NJ?

Can you get a DUI or DWI on a bicycle in New Jersey? Learn potential punishments if you are caught riding a bicycle on public roads under the influence, prior cases, how this impacts your drivers license, and how contacting an attorney can help.

Insurance Premium Relief During the Pandemic

COVID has decreased the risk of accidents or injuries due to decreased activity. Learn about premium relief for NJ citizens ordered by the NJ Department of Banking and Executive Order 123 that provides a 90 day grace period for insurance premiums.