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Practice Areas

Every client that trusts Rosenberg | Perry & Associates with their case receives diligent, informed representation. We provide counsel and representation in the following areas:

Criminal Defense

Closeup of Dan's gavel with a set of law books.Serious criminal offenses committed in New Jersey are the equivalent of felonies in other states. If you’re accused of murder, rape, robbery or domestic violence, were caught using marijuana or other drugs illegally, or are a juvenile being tried as an adult, you need professional legal defense. With the help of Rosenberg | Perry & Associates as your criminal attorney, we can work to reduce your charges and prevent a guilty verdict.


Closeup of shot glass of liquor, handcuffs, and car keys lying on a table.Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in the Garden State could mean jail time and heavy fines, even for a first-time offender. The consequences worsen drastically for repeat offenders or those who refuse to submit to breath testing, and could include the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car. Our legal team understands how driving charges can be detrimental to your family’s finances, and we can work with the court to get your charges treated as a lesser offense.

Restraining Orders

Daniel M. Rosenberg discussing case details with two clients.Physically, sexually, emotionally or financially abusing family members — also known as domestic violence — is all-too-common in the state of New Jersey. Our experienced group of attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you’re protected against your abuser. We’ve also seen the devastating effects — including loss of freedom and parental rights — of wrongly convicting an innocent person as a domestic abuser. No matter your situation, our mission is to protect you during this difficult time.

Municipal Court

Minor criminal offenses and convictions are handled in municipal court without the help of a jury. Even the smallest of offenses deserve the best representation to help prevent unfair conviction. Rosenberg | Perry & Associates can provide you with the most effective counsel when faced with wrongful charges.

Civil Litigation

Historic Burlington County CourthouseYou and your family suffered needless pain — because of a car accident, dog bite, workplace injury, nursing home abuse or another incident — and your pain demands justice. Our civil litigators at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates will diligently fight for what you deserve at the negotiating table and in court, including changed workplace policies, medical expenses and damages.

General Legal Counsel in the State of New Jersey

We are a multifaceted law firm, championing more than just criminal defense and individual representation. In addition to our key service areas, we provide legal counsel for individuals and small businesses alike, from mediation to wrongful termination, to union matters, to will and estate planning.

Do You Need Representation?

If you are looking for representation in New Jersey known for delivering game-winning results, schedule a consultation today with Rosenberg | Perry & Associates.

Additional Practice Area Information 


DUI’s in NJ are not considered criminal offenses but can lead to serious & costly consequences. Learn more about what happens after a DUI arrest in NJ, the court process & potential DUI defenses.

Restraining Orders: TRO and FRO Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey protects victims of domestic violence & other offenses with restraining orders. Learn about the types of restraining orders in NJ, filing a protection order, how our attorneys can help you navigate the process & resources for domestic violence victims.

Civil Litigation

Learn about civil litigation in NJ, how civil litigation differs from criminal cases & the different types of civil litigation. Our experienced lawyers are ready to represent you in your civil litigation case to get the compensation you deserve.

Criminal Defense

Explore the criminal defense legal services offered by Rosenberg | Perry & Associates, LLC. Our attorneys provide legal defense for indictable & disorderly persons offenses for juveniles & adults in NJ.

Disorderly Conduct

In New Jersey, misdemeanor criminal offenses are classified as petty disorderly persons charges. Learn about the different disorderly conduct charges in New Jersey, potential penalties & how Rosenberg | Perry & Associates could help you.

Harassment Charges in New Jersey

Harassment charges in New Jersey are classified as a disorderly persons offense that can be included on your criminal record. Learn about the types of harassment charges in NJ, the differences between harassment and stalking & possible harassment defenses.

Traffic Offenses & Penalties in New Jersey

In New Jersey, points may be added your driving record for a moving traffic violation that can lead to a suspension of your license. Learn how different traffic violations will affect your driving record & how we can help you fight a traffic ticket.

Felony and Disorderly Persons Downgrades

A Felony charge in NJ is known as an indictable offense and can carry serious penalties & consequences. Learn how indictable offenses can be downgraded to disorderly persons offense to minimize the amount of jail time or fines you may face.

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