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Law of the New Jersey Stay at Home Order

What Happens if I Violate the Governor’s Executive Order (the Shelter in Place Order)? Am I getting Arrested if I leave my house? What can I be charged with? Will I be sent to Jail? Can I be Charged and Arrested for Violating the Order? The short answer is, yes. There are multiple criminal penalties that may be imposed if the…

High Risk Inmates being released in NJ due to COVID-19

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 124 expanded the list of inmates eligible for release due to COVID-19. Learn the updated criteria, how the decisions are made, what happens when they are released, and how hiring an experienced attorney can help.

Domestic Violence is up during quarantine

Potential Spike in Domestic Violence Cases During COVID-19 Pandemic During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, most families will be ordered to remain under quarantine.  Many individuals are either working from home or out of work all together. During this time, law enforcement officials are seeing an increase in domestic violence. While most crimes are down, officials in Burlington County…

Support Local Businesses

COVID-19 shutdown orders & stay at home directives have negatively affected small businesses in New Jersey and it’s more important now than ever to support them. Learn how your support can help local businesses and your community.

Temporary Restraining Orders in NJ during COVID-19

During COVID, domestic violence has risen as shutdowns have forced victims to spend more time with their abusers. Learn about filing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in NJ during COVID, how the case will be heard, & getting a Final Restraining Order.

NJDMV Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to a shutdown of many essential services in NJ. Learn about the effect COVID has had on the New Jersey DMV (NJDMV), find information on changes to help NJ citizens, and if there are exceptions to traffic violations during the shutdown.