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Robert Kraft Video Surveillance is Suppressed

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, was arrested for the solicitation of prostitution. Learn about his case and how his attorneys successfully put through a pre-trial motion to suppress video evidence.

Prior Convictions and Legalized Marijuana

If you have a previous marijuana conviction in New Jersey, what happens if legalization passes? Learn about NJ marijuana conviction expungement, impact of expungement, and how legal counsel impacts the correct expungement of charges from your record.

Drug Court Engagements – Rebooting Without Stigma

On January 8, 2019, the NJ Supreme Court ruled that drug court graduates can have prior convictions expunged. Learn about the Drug Court Expungement Statute, how it differs from the general expungement statute & if it applies to drug sale convictions.

Is Marijuana Legal Yet in New Jersey?

On November 28, 2018, an NJ legislative committee approved a bill to eventually legalize marijuana. Learn about what comes next for this bill, how it will change marijuana convictions, and how it can affect your current case.

Flying High in the Friendly Skies

California’s Proposition 64 impacts passengers traveling through LAX. Learn the marijuana amounts and types allowed, how your destination should impact your decision & how discussing legalization and possession with an experienced legal team can help.

Dashcam Videos: To Release or Not Release?

In NJ, videos of fatal police shootings must be released to the public. Learn about a recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court that determined if police dashcam recordings are required to be released under the Open Public Records Act.

Marijuana and Expungements: Seeing Through the Haze

In New Jersey, the legislature is working on laws to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults. Learn about the legal implications if these laws are passed, the proposals being considered & how they would affect past marijuana convictions.

NOT GUILTY – Attempted Murder

Learn how partner Robert Perry’s diligent advocacy for his client led to them being found not guilty on all charges after being held without bail in New Jersey for 505 days.