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The following are client testimonials for Rosenberg | Perry & Associates, LLC, Burlington County Criminal Law Firm, posted on Our criminal defense law firm has a five-star rating on
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Above and beyond.

“Daniel from Daniel Rosenberg and Associates along with Nicholas Rotsides were able to provide an actual sense of security and well being that no other lawyer has ever been able to foster. They were always willing to talk even though I might not be the easiest client they've ever had they never lost patience with me. If they were busy, as any good lawyer should be, they would return my calls as promptly as humanly possible. Fortunately, I've only had two encounters with them, the first being a traffic violation that seemed insurmountable, but got taken down to the lowly charge of obstruction of traffic. The second time was an even harder fought battle where all odds were against me but I trusted in my lawyers and they trusted that I was telling the truth. Long story short I got 9 points for getting rear ended and Dan and Nick were able to get me down to 0 points with no fines or fees whatsoever. So although I hope to never have to deal with Dan or Nick again simply because I only see them when I am in trouble I am very greatful to have acquired the number of a confident attourney who makes sure that his clients are protected and well taken care of. So once again, thank you very much for your services I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into my cases.”

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Can not recommend strongly enough!

“I've had a rough couple of years. Through a possible foreclosure, to eventually a short sale, and then a divorce, I had dealt with about 6-7 attorneys over that time. When I was being sued, I turned to Dan based on the reviews I saw online. I couldn't have been happier. He was the first attorney that consistently followed up with me and that I didn't have to chase around. He not only resolved my lawsuit, but investigated my matter further and realized that I was entitled to a counter-suit, which I won. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. If you are in South Jersey and are looking for a real teammate in your matter, not just a hired professional, then Dan Rosenberg is the best choice!”

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Best Lawyer and Awesome Guy

“In my life I never ever thought I would have the need for any sort of criminal attorney. My case was very emotionally involved. After my initial hearing I met Dan outside and he offered some comforting advice when he really didn't have to talk to me at all. It was evident to me that he was not just trying to get my business- as at that time I didn't think I needed a lawyer ongoing. Instead it was obvious that he just had compassion and was a good enough person to offer me some advice and a comforting reassurance. Well, unfortunately my legal issues were not over, and I reached out to Dan to help me when things continued. Just like he was when I first met him, Dan continued to offer not only a caring ear to listen, but more importantly he was able to channel my emotions into legal actions. Without Dan, I would have tried to argue things based on feelings/ events rather than legal standards that I did not know about. He was able to keep me grounded and give me expert guidance and reign me in from making any mistakes with my case. His staff was also amazing, always super attentive to communication and very friendly. I always felt super informed about anything involving my case and court dates. When I met with Dan in person before my next court date, he took as long as we needed to figure out a game plan, and I felt like we were really on the same page. When I went to my court dates it was super difficult emotionally for me, and I feel like Dan was my strength and stood up for me when I couldn't stand up for myself. Beyond that, to be frankly honest, he even took the time to listen to me cry my eyes out when no one else did. Because he's a caring person. There are a million lawyers out there, and I'm sure there are plenty that know how to win, but I don't think all attorneys have not only the legal capabilities but also the realness, compassion, and genuine caring about their clients that Dan has. My case wasn't some super exciting,lucrative case, but even so he still treated me with utmost importance. He was invested in my case and felt like I mattered to him. I always pictured lawyers as mostly being cold, removed and concerned with only the facts. Dan proved me wrong. He is not only an smart, excellent lawyer but also an amazing person as well. Every dollar well spent.”

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A glowing recommendation

“I am very happy with the service I received from attorney Daniel Rosenberg. This was our families first time dealing with the legal system and we did not know what to do or where to turn. Our fears were put to rest when we found Mr. Rosenberg. He explained everything that was going to happen and was always responsive to our questions and concerns. He took the time to explain our options so we could weigh the pros and cons of each and come to a conclusion together. I would highly recommend Mr. Rosenberg . He was a true professional at all times and knows his way around the court system. He went above and beyond what we expected and was fair with his billing as well.”

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A key witness in a Federal trial; former assistant to a Dean of a NJ medical school; and a current lice

“I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mr. Rosenberg to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. With my former position in Higher Education for the past 25 years and with my hands-on experience as a key witness in a Federal trial during this position, I feel blessed to have been able to be involved in retaining Mr. Rosenberg’s services for a family member. (I currently am a NJ Licensed Public Adjuster; a former/retired Principal Management Assistant to the Dean at Rowan University-School of Osteopathic Medicine -formerly UMDNJ-SOM; and a key witness in a Federal trial representing the United States from 2006-2008: United States of America v. Senator Wayne R. Bryant and Dr. R. Michael Gallagher. ) This past fall, my family and I met Mr. Rosenberg. After our meeting, I felt he is one of the most honest attorneys that I have ever met and honesty has always guided me in both my career and my personal life. Mr. Rosenberg was immediately retained by a family member and proved himself to be an awesome attorney. He was always available for questions and answered all inquiries. He goes the distance for his client and explains everything in detail no matter how big or small. Mr. Rosenberg thinks and acts accordingly “on his feet” when in the courtroom. I am truly grateful for his knowledge as I witnessed this first-hand during a recent trial of a family member. Again, I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mr. Rosenberg as he an attorney who truly is an individual of the highest integrity; he is dedicated and committed to his clients. I believe he is an asset to any United States Court System and recommend retaining the services of Daniel M. Rosenberg, Esq. to anyone that requires legal assistance.”

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A Lawyer?

“Is Dan really a Lawyer, or a Superhero!! He actually represented me as a public defender not too long ago as he was training a new associate at his firm.. And I have the same view of him as everyone else.. Absolutely professional, and down to earth. The man knows the law inside and out, and will do whatever is it takes for a favorable outcome.. He will also give it to you straight.. He flat out told me, "Hey, they want you in jail" Then he asked me, If it is something they want to do, what are some reasons why you absolutely should not go to jail as a defense. Well, I didnt end up in jail... Mind you he was only acting as a public defender.. I saw him case after case get BETTER results than people there with "Hired" counsel !!! I have been to court many,many times for many reasons.. Sometimes, folks will walk up to a lawyer and try to ask them a quick question.. I have never seen a lawyer answer them.. Usually a snarky remark, and they literally turn their backs to them... A watched at least three people walk up to Dan and ask if he was a lawyer/ public defender.. When asked he said with a warm smile. "why yes I am, what can I help you with"....And gave his best answer at that moment to help them... I cant say enough good things about this guy..... Now, to call him about a huge case I have and ask for his representation !! ”

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Absolutely Terrific!

“Couldn't have asked for a better attorney! Right from the start, Mr. Rosenberg walked me through exactly what kind of consequences I was facing with my DWI and what his plan of action would be. It was a very informative conversation we had for about forty minutes and after that I knew I needed to hire him (which ended up being a very reasonable price). From that point forward the majority of my worries were lifted. Mr. Rosenberg walked me through the entire process and kept me informed. He was very easy to get in touch with so I could bounce questions off of him as I had them. When we had court dates he would explain everything that was going to happen before we walked in, and then reviewed everything with me after we walked out. As my case started coming to a climax, Mr. Rosenberg discussed with me in great detail what our options were looking like, but always left the final decision in my hands and I never felt like I was being pressured in any direction. My case ended up with a very favorable result, with two of my tickets being dismissed and the third ticket being reduced from what I was originally facing. Overall, hiring him was one of the best decisions I've ever made and it was money well spent.”

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Best of the best

“Mr. Rosenberg decided to take on my case without any hesitation. With his in depth knowledge of criminal law and easy to talk to personality, he has made my case into a big success. Mr. Rosenberg made me feel comfortable as well as keeping constant communication with me while answering any questions I may have. You will not be disappointed with Mr. Rosenberg and his services as well as his amazing teammates.”

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Case resolved

“I was involved in a complex dispute where legal action was threatened. My scope of understanding and of the laws involved were minimal at best. Dan Rosenberg walked me through all the potential issues and outcomes. His patience and professionalism as I described the timeline of the events was welcoming and reassuring. Ultimately prosecution was averted due to the case facts presented by Dan and his team. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough for their professionalism and care during this situation. If you need their type of assistance I recommend them without reservation. ”

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Comforting reception and professional assistance.

“Mr. Rosenberg provided my family a comforting reception and valuable legal advice on the options available regarding a medical complaint associated with my son's accidental overdose death. A doctor had not researched my son's medical files to determine he was an addict and prescribed a large number of opioids. Mr. Rosenberg was aware of Governor Christie signing the strict opioid prescribing law but it did not take effect until days after my son's death. After much discussion, I chose not to take legal action and handle my complaint personally. I will always be very appreciative of Mr. Rosenberg's sincere concern and professional assistance during this difficult time.”

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Compassionate and Sincere

“I recently consulted Daniel Rosenberg for my son's legal matter. He explained at length the legal ramifications that my son was facing and he listened closely to my concerns. Dan was very attentive and empathic towards my son's situation and did not rush through things. I would highly recommend Daniel Rosenberg to anyone I know seeking legal representation.”

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Dan “the man” Rosenberg is my go to lawyer!

“Mr. Rosenberg is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of law and always stays confidential and professional. I have personally hired him for multiple situations regarding my Law Enforcement capacity. He has been extremely successful on my behalf and I have personally recommend him ranging from departmental matters to criminal matters to personal matters. He is always in tune and on time. From my many years in Law Enforcement he has been at my side and on point. I wouldn't have anyone else representing me. He is prompt and available all hours to satisfy his clients needs from a small question to a serious matter. All I can say is I am in debited to you and Thanks Dan!”

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