Analysis – Former NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker’s Charges Dismissed

Former NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker’s Charges Dismissed

Article Written by Robert M. Perry, Esq

In May the New York Giants starting cornerback DeAndre Baker was arrested for Armed Robbery in Florida.  The police alleged that Baker brandished a firearm and robbed several victims of their jewelry and other items after losing a gambling game.  He was also alleged to have ordered one of the party goers shot.   Robert M. Perry, Esquire Headshot

As I wrote then, news media does not wait for the legal process to play out before printing allegations of criminal conduct.  This can lead to an assumption of guilt and dramatically impact a defendant’s life.  Baker was released by the Giants and was not permitted to play while the charges were pending.   

On November 16, 2020, all charges were dropped against Baker.  An attorney representing the “victims” of the robbery was arrested the same day and charged with attempting to extort money from Baker in exchange for the witnesses changing their stories.   

The dismissal of the charges does not necessarily mean that Baker was innocent.  Ultimately, we may never know.  The Prosecutor simply opined that the charges could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Baker appears to be reentering the NFL, signing to the practice squad of the Kansas City Chiefs.   

I have no doubt that these charges and the impact of the allegations weighed heavily upon Baker.  I’ve represented too many clients who have been forced to wait years before their names have been cleared.  

Still, Baker was fortunate to have an aggressive team of lawyers on his side and the resources to mount a defense.  He was also lucky that he was not forced to wait in jail while this process played out.  The reality is that many individuals who are accused of criminal conduct don’t have the resources available to Baker.  There is a difference between losing your job as starting cornerback for a professional football team and losing your job as a teacher or nurse or manager at a warehouse.   

Back in May I wrote that this case might be a reminder that we should wait for the legal process to conclude before judging a person guilty of a crime.  Its also important to remember that just an allegation of criminal conduct can have life changing consequences.  This case is also a reminder that exoneration doesn’t take that away.   

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