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Support Local Businesses

COVID-19 shutdown orders & stay at home directives have negatively affected small businesses in New Jersey and it’s more important now than ever to support them. Learn how your support can help local businesses and your community.

Temporary Restraining Orders in NJ during COVID-19

During COVID, domestic violence has risen as shutdowns have forced victims to spend more time with their abusers. Learn about filing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in NJ during COVID, how the case will be heard, & getting a Final Restraining Order.

NJDMV Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to a shutdown of many essential services in NJ. Learn about the effect COVID has had on the New Jersey DMV (NJDMV), find information on changes to help NJ citizens, and if there are exceptions to traffic violations during the shutdown.

County Jail Sentences Suspended due to COVID-19

The NJ Supreme Court has ordered the release of qualified inmates serving sentences as a condition of probation or Municipal Court due to COVID-19. Learn about who qualifies, helping an eligible family member & how it affects remaining jail time.

Pending Criminal Court Case Status Updates due to COVID-19

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected criminal court cases in New Jersey, including municipal and superior courts, and how this impacts both new and existing cases. If you have questions about your court case contact our experienced lawyers.

Stay Positive

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented government action to protect the people of NJ through stay at home directives & shutdowns of non-essential business. Find positive words from lead attorney Daniel M. Rosenberg to help you & what steps we are taking to help fight the spread.

New “Clean Slate” NJ Expungement Law

New Jersey’s “Clean Slate” expungement law went into effect in June 2020. Learn how the waiting period before an expungement has been changed, how dismissals are treated, and how hiring a lawyer who is experienced in the expungement process can help.

New NJ DUI/DWI Law Penalties 2019

The NJ State Legislature passed new DUI laws to make it easier for those charged with a DUI/DWI to drive. Learn about the changes this law makes to NJ DUI/DWI penalties for first, second, and third offenses & refusal to submit to a breath test.