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The following are client testimonials for Rosenberg | Perry & Associates, LLC, Burlington County Criminal Law Firm, posted on Our criminal defense law firm has a five-star rating on
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Dan Rosenberg and Rob Perry Are the Best Lawyers we’ve ever met and we are proud to now call them our Friends!!!!

“We contacted Dan Rosenbergs firm after our lawyer totally mishandled our case, then told us we had no options and there was no hope for a better outcome. We were immediately impressed with Dan Rosenberg, his knowledge, his attention to detail, his proficiency and his accomplishments. Dan Rosenberg and his partner Rob Perry believed their firm could help us, they took our case and worked on it with such diligence and dedication from the beginning until the end. We placed our faith in them and they proved there was hope!!! We had a very successful and happy outcome thanks to Dan Rosenberg and Rob Perry, their wisdom, understanding of the law and attention to detail!!! The final paperwork Dan Rosenberg wrote on our behalf was so thorough, detailed and well done, that the judge even told him his paperwork was "Impessive". We had such trust and confidence in Dan Rosenberg and Rob Perry from the start and they never let us down. We don't believe any lawyer could have done any better, that's why we truly believe they are the Best!!!!”

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Dan Rosenberg best lawyer in South Jersey

“Although my situation was very serious and stressful, he always made me feel that he had things under control and was on top of the case. Dan did an excellent job and I will use him anytime I have legal issues. I highly recommend him.”

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“My husband had a inappropriate sexual contact charge.I instantly googled lawyers in my area,I looked at a few and I kept reading Dan's profile.My husband and I liked how his profile sounded and left a message that night,he called us the very next morning.We made a appt and went in to speak with him.Dan was great with me and my hubby.He was informative, professional, confident, very down to earth,and just a great attorney to have at your table. The charges were very serious and on the day of trial me and him was still nervous.Dan reassured us everything is OK.It was better then OK because ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED at the end.We both hugged and thanked Dan for everything. We decided we are keeping him as our main man,God forbid we get into another jam..... THANK U AGAIN DAN, WE LUV YA!!!!!!! From, GEORGE & TIFFANY”

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Daniel M. Rosenberg

“Having worked with Daniel on numerous matters, I can truly say that he is a knowledgable, thorough and aggressive advocate. I was impressed not only with his preparation and courtroom demeanor, but also his responsiveness to his clients' needs and his ability to think "outside-the-box" on complex and sophisticated issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to any potential client.”

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Daniel M. Rosenberg Review

“We engaged Dan Rosenberg on multiple matters regarding my son, as a minor and as an adult. Dan was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had regarding our issues. He prepared us for all possible outcomes and I felt reassured that the outcome of my son's cases was as important to Dan as it was to us.”

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Daniel Rosenberg Review

“All aspects of the case were handled with compassion and in confidence. Information was provided on a regular basis regarding and realistic goals were set.”

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Down to earth, knowledgeable, and professional

“I hired Daniel to represent me in a simple speeding violation after another firm failed to call me back. Then only a month later, I got another speeding ticket. Both we're pretty bad (which is why I needed a lawyer in the first place). Daniel talked me off the ledge, explained what he was going to shoot for, explained the consequences and what would likely happen or not happen and honestly the results were even better than I could have hoped for. I was willing to live with a worse outcome than what Daniel ended up getting for me. The best thing about this whole experience is that he was down to earth, had a sense of humor, and didn't give off that I'm A Lawyer So I'm Better Than You vibe. It's refreshing to have someone who can connect with you while still being a professional. So, while I don't actually hope to have to use Daniel's services again, I would 100% contact him without hesitation in the future.”

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DUI case

“We are extremely relieved that we hired Daniel Rosenberg to represent our daughter in her DUI matter. He was able to mitigate the case favorably and substantially minimize her penalties. As the other reviews on this site have attested, his knowledge and skills are unmatched. Whenever he arrived at court, we immediately felt a sense of relief knowing that we were in the best hands. That feeling carried over with every email, letter, conference call, and interaction. He is an expert in his field who is kind, patient, and 100% down to earth.”

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“For anyone who is looking for a DWI attorney who can provide A1 excellent service and thorough consultation, Daniel M. Rosenberg is your lawyer. I was facing heavy DWI and Reckless Driving charges that would have had me in a very tight place monetary and future opportunity wise. I came to Mr. Rosenberg and explained my case. He and his fellow associate, Mr. Rob Perry combed through my case with great precision and relayed to me many inconsistencies related to my Alco-test and officers who had wrongfully accused me. These findings helped drop my DWI charge. I was able to walk out with only a small fine to pay and 30 day license loss. If you are facing a DWI, I highly recommend Daniel M. Rosenberg and Associates. You won't regret it.”

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Employment/Buy-Out Contract

“I hired Dan to review my buy-out agreement with my previous employer. Dan was very responsive and guided me through the process in the most ethical and commonsense manner. I felt like his guidance put me in the best possible position.”

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Excellent advocate on my behalf

“Dan Rosenberg was upfront, honest and very communicative. His experience was obvious in handling my matter. I would recommend him for anyone in need of a no-nonsense smooth experience.”

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Excellent Attorney

“Mr Rosenberg and his team followed through with everything that they said they would do. Even after the court date he stayed in touch sending out paper work and ensured me of what was expected to come out of the situation. He did not sell me false dreams but instead he was 100 percent honest. I ended up winning my case because of paper work that Mr Rosenburg was able to obtain. The communication is excellent via telephone, and e mail. I defiantly recommend Mr Rosenburg he's an excellent lawyer and keeps it very professional in the court room. He's very organized. ”

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