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The following are client testimonials for Rosenberg | Perry & Associates, LLC, Burlington County Criminal Law Firm, posted on Our criminal defense law firm has a five-star rating on
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“Very professional and personable. Mr. Rosenberg impressed me with his knowledge of the law he was straightforward and very clear. He worked very hard for me and was able to have my case dismissed. If you want the best then you definitely want to hire Mr. Rosenberg. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me.”

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Peace of mind

“Mr. Rosenberg provided consistent and well informed information for our situation. He always explained the worst case scenario but was always optimistic that he could work out the best case scenario which he did for us. He and his staff always kept us will informed and we never felt like we didn't know what was going on or unsupported. I hope I don't need him again but I know who I am calling and who I will recommend if the situation arises”

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Personable and Responsive

“Mr. Rosenberg represented me over two years ago. Since the conclusion of my case, I have had a number of issues related to the case. Each time I have contacted him for advice he has been extremely responsive and helpful. He has either personally advised me, or put me into direct contact with someone with direct knowledge of the issue. He has made it a priority to speak with me over the phone. When a phone call wasn't possible we communicated over email and he was always extremely quick to respond. I highly recommend Mr. Rosenberg.”

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Read this before you choose someone else!

“First, I'd like to say THANK YOU To Dan,Rob,and Julie.. THE TEAM !!! Im just going to say this We won ! And not only won but blew the prosecution out of the water!! But Im going to tell you why this firm is about to be your firm . A felony is a scary scary charge. It can (as mine would have) carry serious time.. This has been a roller-coaster of a ride for me and my family. This incident cost us dearly the things we loved, our business, our friends, our sanity and almost our marriage!. This is where this firm will take the reigns.. The Team, I had was, 1st of all, Experienced. No sidestep or wavering... They are always ahead of the game and it felt like everytime the Prosecution did something, The team already was prepared for it.. Every angle was covered.... They were CARING. Listen, this is the big league here... its not a joke its real and we're all adults but when you beat yourself up over and over it wears you down....THEY KNOW THIS AND IT MATTERS TO THEM. They are not going to hold your hand all the time ,but they will walk WITH you. You will feel as if your family is right there next to you and they've got your back and then some... Aggressive... You want big brother to handle your problem.. YOU GOT EM !!! Im sorry Dan. But when you meet Dan you will Probably think ""This guy doesnt have an aggressive bone in his body"" WRONG they WILL stand up for you in a powerful and overwhelming show of conviction !!! Thoroughness,, This is the firm to have.. You are not just getting a lawyer, your getting investigators, you're getting a full staff of administrative people (who were wonderful !!) That will keep you informed make you feel welcome and handle the tons of paperwork involved in your case accurately and efficiently as well as know you by name and treat you like family as well... There are many choices out there... Daniel M. Rosenberg and Assc. Are by far the best of the best... They care and that shows the second you walk through that door...They are beyond knowledgeable in the field, they are experienced and they are POWERFUL... This firm is BEYOND EXCELLENT !!!!! Listen to me please... Your reading this right now looking for a good lawyer... THIS IS THE FIRM... You can never gaurantee a jury's verdict But you can bet you're getting the best defense team around, This is serious and they take it very serious... IF I WAS IN PRISON RIGHT NOW I WOULD STILL BE WRITING THIS LETTER..You cant get any better !!! Good luck... R & L”

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Recently Processed

“Dan was very tactful & respectful of my dilemma. He has familial & professional knowledge of the disease of addiction, which made me comfortable from our initial appointment. He kept me in the loop, assured me that certain disadvantages were not going to occur in my case. He was very knowledgeable of the laws. He was also very encouraging regarding my working on myself with a 12-step group. I am glad I retained his services, and could highly, no, COMPETENTLY recommend him.”

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Simply the best!

“Unfortunately I was charged with a crime I did not commit and was unable to contest at the time of arrest. Daniel and his team were professional, kind and always there for me when I had a question. When my court date arrived, Daniel easy had the charge dismissed. I couldn't be more happier and satisfied with their service. If you are ever in the need of a criminal attorney, Daniel should be your choice - period!”

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Stellar Quality Law Firm

“I've recently experienced the distinct advantage of being represented in a civil matter by Daniel M. Rosenberg & Associates. When searching for a skilled lawyer, knowledge of the subject matter is key. Amongst other achievements worth mentioning, Dan has been recognized as a Rising Star Super Lawyer, Top 40 under 40 (The National Trial Lawyers), and Nation's Top One Per Cent (National Association of Distinguished Counsel) There's good reason for it: his law firm is uniquely qualified to suit your needs. The office is staffed by friendly and extremely competent professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service. Dan and his team pay meticulous attention to detail toward every aspect of your case from beginning to end. Part of this includes continual accessibility via telephone or email. Though no one can predict with certainty what happens in the courtroom, they work hard to ensure the best possible result. When you meet Dan, you will understand why so many glowing adjectives are attributed: gentleman, confident and keenly aware, cool under fire, knowledgeable and aggressive advocate. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Dan himself, and his team, make you feel instantly comfortable and that goes a long way. I was really appreciative of their kind demeanor and thoughtful efforts of reassurance. We took on a well known consumer corporation and I was the proverbial David staring at Goliath. The stones in my hand consisted of pictures, correspondence, and logs of telephone calls. Dan and his team were the slingshot that flung the stones. Negotiating expertise found it's mark, and I can place it in the ""worked for me!"" category. My settlement was favorable, but even if it was not, I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend D.R. & Associates. Why? I perceive the foundation of an outstanding law firm that's building a monumental legal legacy that will be unrivaled. I cannot thank Dan enough for outstanding legal representation.”

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Such a caring and thorough attorney

“Dan keeps his word and really came through for me when i needed him most. So glad i found him to represent me. In addition his legal team is just the best and so nice to deal with. He represented me in a case where i was absolutely hopeless feeling and gave me hope that was honest success. I got into a program that is in my favor thanks to Daniel M Rosenberg. Thanks”

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Thank You

“Dan helped me undo a misstep I took in the process of applying for disability. He was wonderful. Took care of everything quickly and kept me well informed during the whole process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.”

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Thanks Dan

“Dan represented my son twice during a juvenile case. Both times he was very clear what the outcome could be and both times the outcomes were favorable to us. He is a professional and it was a pleasure to work with him. If I need to hire a juvenile attorney again, I would definetly use Dan.”

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The Best Attorney Ever

“I was stopped for a DUI on September 5, 2015 at approximently 2:00am. My whole world was turned upside down because of that evening. I prayed hard on finding an attorney who could properly represent me. I took a chance and called Daniel Rosenburg on Labor Day. To my surprise, he was in the office! He had me come in at 2:30pm, we talked, and I decided to go with his firm. They got the ball rolling right away! He explained his fee and payment options. I went home and got the money right away so we could continue on with the case. He consulted with the proper experts to enhance my case. He explained the charges I was facing and got a majority of my charges dropped! Even the arresting officer played a key role in reducing my charges. I lost my license for three months and my CDL was suspended for three months! The only thing that was required of me was to get an interlock device installed on my vehichle. That will get removed August 17, 2016. I strongly recommend Daniel Rosenburg and Associates because they go above and beyond the call of duty to get you a fair decision. Was I upset at getting the DUI? Yes. Did I learn my lesson? Yes. I told the judge if he ever saw me in his courtroom again for a DUI charge, give me life lol! This was my first offense ona DUI charge and if you want someone who will represent you like you were a family member, call Daniel Rosenburg!”

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Top Attorney in South Jersey

“Daniel Rosenberg is one of the top attorneys in south jersey. He & his associate Robert Perry were very caring from the beginning. They took the time to listen to my case and were very knowledgable and insightful. After the first consultation, I walked away feeling my case was in good hands. They were very responsive throughout the whole process and helped me tremendously with my mother in laws shoplifting case. After 3 court appearances, they managed to get my mother in laws case DISMISSED. These guys the real deal and with the accolades in there office to back it up. ”

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