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Civil Litigation

What Is It & When Should You Call a Trial Attorney?

Civil litigation cases are disputes between two parties that seek damages and financial compensation. This is different than criminal cases, which seek criminal sanctions such as jail time. The lawyers who work these cases are called litigators or trial attorneys.

It’s important to carefully evaluate litigation lawyers when you decide you need a civil attorney. The civil litigation firm you work with should be experienced in working trial cases and have positive reviews or testimonials to refer you to. Our attorneys at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates have earned countless awards for excellence in New Jersey law. We are committed to serving you with compassion and diligence so you get the highest award possible.

Nursing Home Abuse

Acts such as purposeful injury, neglect, emotional abuse or deprivation of necessary services all constitute elder abuse in New Jersey. This conduct can sometime rise to the level of criminal conduct, but require purposeful conduct or gross negligence. Elder abuse can occur in a doctor’s office, hospital, nursing home, independent living facility or in a caregiver’s home. Some signs of elder abuse include malnourishment, bed sores, unexplained credit card purchases and rocking or biting (an indicator of mental distress). Civil litigation cases that pursue nursing home abuse charges can result in the closure of an abusing facility, compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected by their nursing home caregivers, contact an experienced attorney immediately to

Personal Injury & Negligence

Personal injury cases are filed after someone gets harmed due to another party’s negligence. Negligence means the party knew about a danger and had a duty or obligation to prevent or protect against it, but did nothing to fix it or warn people of the hazard. These injuries can occur in a private residence, commercial building or on public property, or after using a product. New Jersey has a shared fault law, which means personal injury cases evaluate both parties’ involvement in the injury. Your compensation for damages could be reduced if you are found even partially at fault, which is why it’s crucial you hire a qualified litigation lawyer.

Other Civil Litigation Cases

Our legal team is experienced in all types of civil litigation cases. If your case falls outside of nursing home abuse or personal injury, we can still help. Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and again how devastating civil litigation cases can be on victims and their families. That’s why Rosenberg | Perry & Associates is known for diligently advocating for our clients until they receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

We’d be happy to talk with you about your case — just call us at (609) 216-7400. Our consultations are always free and always confidential, so you feel comfortable to speak freely and ask any questions you may have.

If you have any questions or need help with a civil litigation case, the experienced attorneys at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates are ready to help.


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