NOT GUILTY – Attempted Murder

In March, 2017, Markeith Bryson was arrested and charged with First Degree Attempted Murder and 5 other felony charges, including Aggravated Assault and Weapons charges.  The alleged victim in the matter, Eugene Greshan, was found in possession of drugs and a stolen shotgun.  Soon after being charged, criminal trial attorney Rob Perry began representing Markeith.  Markeith was also alleged to have participated in a shooting in Virginia in January, 2017.  Those charges were dismissed in April of 2017.
Pursuant to New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Reform, Markeith was being detained in the county jail without bail.  His trial was scheduled to begin in January, 2018, but the State was not ready to proceed and requested that the Judge give the State more time to prepare.  The State also requested that Markeith continue to be held without bail and objected to his being released during the period of delay.  The Court ruled against the State and ordered the trial to proceed.  Unable to proceed, the State filed an interlocutory appeal, which was granted by the Appellate Division.  This resulted in the trial being “paused” while the matter was litigated at the Appellate Division.
Robert Perry's profile photoFrom January, 2018 to July, 2018, Markeith sat in jail, without bail, while the Appellate Division heard the appeal and rendered a decision.  On July 12, 2018, the Appellate Division issued its decision and his trial was scheduled.  On Thursday, August 9, 2018, after being held without bail for 505 days Markeith finally got his day in court.  He was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.  
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