Marijuana and Expungements: Seeing Through the Haze

The state of Marijuana laws in New Jersey have been in limbo for the past few months.  The New Jersey Attorney General has suspended prosecution for minor marijuana cases pending a vote that will potentially make marijuana legal for recreational use.  Medical Marijuana is already legal here in New Jersey.

If marijuana is legalized in New Jersey it will create a number of legal issues.  One of the legal issues that will be created by the legalization of marijuana is what will happen to prior convictions for marijuana charges.  In addition to the stigma that may result from having a criminal record, convictions for even minor violations of the law can make it more difficult to find a job, travel outside the country, be used to limit child custody rights, and impact immigration status.

The New Jersey Legislature is working on legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use. Among the proposals being considered is the expungement of simple possession arrests, to allow people convicted of low-level marijuana possession charges to clear their record.

A clear criminal record can provide peace of mind and be truly life-altering. For questions about eligibility, waiting periods, or anything else relating to expungements please call the attorneys at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates, LLC, for a free consultation.