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Workplace Investigations in New Jersey

Are you being investigated at work? Your employer might be investigating you if you are suspected or have been accused of wrongdoing. You need a skilled employee investigation lawyer to protect your rights. The experienced team at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates understands the serious nature of workplace investigations and is prepared to protect your rights.

Why Would an Employee Be Investigated at Work?

New Jersey employers have a responsibility to institute preventive measures against workplace misconduct such as sexual harassment. They also have the responsibility to take remedial measures in response to a report or complaint of misconduct.

If there is a complaint about an employee, such as sexual harassment, employers will often initiate an investigation to address any potential problems and avoid lawsuits. Sometimes these investigations are handled in house, led by the HR department or in-house legal team. Sometimes a neutral third-party is retained to conduct an investigation. Either way, the investigation must be demonstrably conscientious and legally adequate.

Some of the workplace issues that can trigger an investigation include:

  • Misappropriations
  • Violence
  • Harassment (including sexual harassment)
  • Misconduct
  • Discrimination
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Ethics
  • Mismanagement

Employee Rights in a Workplace Investigation

Employee investigations often involve:

  • disciplinary actions
  • demotions
  • termination

While your employer is conducting an investigation, it is important you have an experienced New Jersey employee investigation lawyer. While your employer’s investigator and legal counsel are working to determine the facts of the case, you need representation to ensure you are aware of your rights, the investigation is conducted appropriately, and the facts of the case are fairly presented.

Your attorney will make sure you know and can access all your rights, privileges, and legal protections guaranteed by the state of New Jersey and the United States.

What about Union Employees?

In many cases, your union will offer some level of support if you are the subject of a workplace investigation. If you do not feel your union is properly equipped to handle your situation or if you feel your union representative is not able to prioritize your case, consider consulting with a private lawyer.

Hire a New Jersey Employee Investigation Lawyer

If you are the subject of a New Jersey workplace investigation, you need a workplace investigation lawyer that will fight for you. The highly experienced legal team at Rosenberg | Perry & Associates will make sure the investigation is conducted properly so your rights won’t be violated.

If you are a public employee — such as a law enforcement officer — the government often provides you with more protection than it provides employees in the private sector. Rosenberg | Perry & Associates can effectively serve as your labor union or law enforcement attorney.

The skilled attorneys of the Rosenberg | Perry & Associates employment, labor, and workplace litigation team will take the steps necessary to protect your career and your future. For a free consultation, contact us through our website or call (609) 216-7400. We’ll discuss the details of your case and share how we can best represent you.

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